Are you part of a group or organisation?

Or maybe a School or place of Further and Higher Education?

A lot can be learnt from an industry professional visit, especially in such a competitive industry such as the creative sector. An insiders view about the pros and cons of the industry, understanding the process, what area of the creative sector are there jobs, and what are the jobs. And of course my personal and professional experience of working as an Illustrator/Lecturer/Designer and Creative since 1993.

I’ve been involved with education since 2005, I have a teacher training qualification and worked at Strode College for 10 years predominantly lecturing Graphic Design, course planning and brief creation. I also delivered Drawing, Painting and Life Drawing sessions.

Passing on information is something I’m fond of – especially if it is done in an engaging manner, whether that is with primary age or more interested specific groups 16+.

My lecturing/workshop/speaking skills are well suited to:

• Professional or amateur organisations or groups
• Primary school introduction to ‘What is a…?’
• Secondary schools career focus sessions introduction to a career in the creative industry
• Further Education, specific course professional development, with Art & Design training
• Higher Education, continued professional development for a career in the the creative sector